HotWives and their Dirty Desires

Sex on the first date was common and encouraged with the young men Ms. K signed to her Treasure Trails dating agency. Older women don't like to waste time with the dating rules and regulations applied by the younger generation when seeking the perfect boyfriend or husband. And we aren't afraid to cut to the chase, and take out potential mates straight to the bedroom, or living room, kitchen, bathroom, where ever the sexual chemistry ignites.

Let's cut to the chase. This book made me horny. Not just normally horny, which I exist in a state of day after day, but insatiably horny, enough that I was afraid of what trouble I may get myself into in such an aroused state.

You know the feeling, that dangerously horny state you get yourself in as you lie in bed and wonder if you shouldn't invite someone, or a couple someones over to share it? That feeling. After a marathon, um, relaxation and sexual meditation session I hadn't completely gotten over it either, so I sit here typing and wondering if my hormones are loading me up again for another strange feeling in the dead of night. What is happening to me?
"I feel the same about my passions, too," I told him. "Once I get going, I can't stop either."

He wavered slightly, as if the sexual energy he ignited in me had brought him to an impulsive edge. "There are two more paintings to show you, and then..."

"Then what?"

He replied, full of naughty suggestion, "Then we can go wherever you want."
Like a hotwife, the book does not pussyfoot around. It gets that whole foot right in the pussy where it belongs. It layers on the sexual suggestiveness thick like frosting on a cake, lets it roll off the knife and spread to a satisfying layer of sticky sweet fun, and then shoves a forkful of chocolate sexual flavor into our mouths and overloads our senses. It takes the time to tease, doesn't drift off into history, and keeps the steady simmer rising into a boil.
It was Autumn's urge to make love to another woman on the heels of her honeymoon with Kevin that brought us together as two horny ladies with an unquenchable thirst for female juice.
That reminds me, I need to get my juicer out for the summer. Forget that, I have one right here between my legs, and what powers this device is lesbian sex. Group sex. And all sorts of kinky play. We are introduced to another woman, Autumn, and the delirium of which I was sent into by the first chapter becomes a scorching blaze. More sex, a woman's touch, and again the book did not make me wait long. It blew on the embers of the fire withing me and kindled a raging fire.

And then two become three as a man is introduced into the mix, and I feel my insides blaze.

Count me in. Make it four.

We switch characters and are rewarded by more sex. By this point I needed a break, some porn is so good you can only watch it in short spurts, savoring the rest of it like a box of chocolates saved away in the refrigerator for later. This was the point where I lied on my bed wondering if I shouldn't somehow make my own strange adventures somehow a reality. That I should dress up, take a chance, do my hair and put on my best perfume  to stalk the night in search of prey.

A fuck. Any fuck shall do.

At this point I wasn't not picky either, enthusiasm and a hard cock were my only requirements. Large, hair-covered, slobbish, of poor manners, unkempt, or homely it would not matter to me. The more a beast the better, because I did not want to be worshiped, I wanted to be devoured.

And my eyes shot wide open as I laid there and the stars shone down on me from outside my window, the soft glow of the city far in the distance beckoning me as some fertile hunting ground for my desires.

What was happening to me? What did this book do to me? Of what have I become?

My will somehow broken. My desires so powerful they somehow overcame my senses and good judgement. The primal need ignited within me not just for a mate, but for pleasure sated by what could only be described by animistic desire. This feeling was somehow not human, yet at its core and essence, it was completely. This feeling beckoned to me like a large, unbroken pool of water. A glass-like sheen to the perfectly flat surface. It called to me. To dive in. To make waves. To play.
"Water's perfect," Kevin said, swishing his arm through the water.
Casey added, "Let me undress you, too, Kevin." Before my husband could answer, his pants were undone and pulled from his body...
The other woman soon meets another, and a torrid four-way takes me to a place of bliss I am sure I have not been many times. The book taunts me, it pulls me in like some sex-starved succubus, begging me for another moment and whispering another naughty story into my ear. It twists the words into a tangle of sweet, wet, and sticky entanglements as it again turns up the heat into a sizzle before it unloads a hot sticky mess of sex and bodily fluids upon my thoughts. If I could bottle my feelings they would be pure ambrosia at this point, so I have no other option than to turn these desires into words for which you can see. Passions turned into feelings translated into words.

This is what I do. I take passions and turn them into words and hope they return in someway passionate inside you. An emotion, a desire, captured in a moment by a word and sent off into the night upon the glimmering wings of cyberspace. To land where they may. To seed that passion somewhere else in the world, and somewhere unknown in time.

And the book was not done yet. I am not sure if I remember much more, other than the second fire this stoked was even hotter and more insidious than the first, and I still try to tamp down the heat by blowing upon it with my soft and gentle lips, only to fuel the ember inside me more.

A rare mood this has got me in.

A dangerous one indeed.

Like the hotwife, I shall not bore you with further ceremony. I shall sum up the words I have read with these. This one does not mess around, yet it is patient enough to turn on the heat and let my passions boil. And it delivers, letting us savor the moment without rushing through the main course. And then again, another dish is served, with the same build up, and the same patience as it lets us drink in the steam and savor the delights of the wanting flesh.

Patient, yet generous.

And then, it delivers again. And again. I had to stop after a couple because I felt like I was going to explode. And it invited me back in for another generous helping, after a long agonizing yet pleasurable wait. Like a restaurant that does everything right and you make it your hobby to eat there every week, this one captured me.

Strongest recommend.

Enjoy this taste and savor this moment, for it is a rare and special one indeed.