Wednesday Workshop: Fitness of the Mind

I get this strange feeling when I read opinions and watch the news these days.

More energy is spent defending laziness and the propping up the status quo than it is affecting real and substantial change.

It is hard to change, to shed several layers of fat, to take responsibility, to be someone and do something, and to live your dreams. We are constantly told we can't. This is the way it is. Your chances of making it are slim to none, and slim just left the building. You march in an endless parade of failures. You are nothing, and you can never hope to be anything more.

You will never have that house.

The dream is dead.

And then this toxic layer of lazy sediment settles into the mind. I'm fucked, so I might as well fuck everyone else. Instead of building a bridge to where I want to be, I am content with standing on another person's bridge and pissing on everyone who walks underneath. Nothing good will happen to me, so nothing good will come of me.

But see the problem with that last statement?

Nothing good will happen to me.

No, nothing good will happen to you, because you have to make shit happen. It is the toxicity of the princess culture, that somehow Prince fucking Charming will show up and take us away from our shitty lives, we will win the lottery, or we will somehow write one book or do one thing that will propel us to Zuckerberg like wealth or fame.

Life is hard, and being a hard worker is how you survive. Those who can put up with the most shit usually finish the race. Fire hardens steel, and fire fucking hurts. But it is better to be steel than it is to be soft.

But you still may be screwed, since hard work in itself does not guarantee success. There is that. But being a hard worker exponentially increases your odds of survival. It is better to be the ripped and fit Red Sonja or Conan than it is to be the fat and lazy caveman, even if it is just intellectually fit, but I find fitness of the body helps my mind focus as well.

I like to be a finely honed and sharpened weapon, in both my mind and in my body.

Strength of ideas breeds physical strength, and this goes the other way as well.

I go back to the idea of change. Change is almost universally good. The old leaves need to be raked out of the yard. The place needs cleaning and sprucing up. We need some paint. We need some landscaping. New furniture. A new look. This goes for where you live to where you work, and it also goes for your mental state and attitude.

You need to rake the dead leaves out of your head every once and a while.

And you can't hate change.

You also have to be careful on what you take into your lives. I have these "friends" on social media that sell hate like pushers sell drugs on street corners. Come on, yeah, it will be fun to comment and jump on-board. Just one hit, I promise you will enjoy this. Look at everyone else doing it, why do you have to be so square? Zone out and join the beautiful hateful people. People will love you if you just take a hit. Look at these weaponized memes and images, just one re-post is all I ask, who will it hurt?

Come on, just do it.

I can't. I won't.

I got better ways to be spending my time, like on doing the things I love and improving myself. All you want to do is sell hate as inclusiveness. You are setting me up as your patsy, so if I re-post that garbage, someone on the other side will attack me, and I will go right back to you and your crowd for support and more hateful dope to push on others. It is the classic dependency cycle of pushers and junkies and I am not falling for it.

I am my own person. I am better than that. I have my beliefs, and while I may not agree with the way things are going 100%, I will speak up for what I believe in and take a stand. I just feel it is better to stand for ideals and be the better person. You win fights by principle and standing on the high ground.

But moreso, I feel falling into these dependency cycles breeds laziness, in both the mind and the body. You get angry about what someone posted online. You world becomes this place instead of you. You react instead of act. You accept the notion 'I am screwed' and seek out those who feel the same, and you put your mind in the never-changing slum of failure and inaction.

No, you will never get that house if you fall into that trap. Success will never happen to you. Prince Charming will not waltz up to you and change your life. Live in a cycle of anger and all you shall be is a junkie in the ghetto of a hateful mind.

I feel it is better to earn the title of Princess than it is to be given it.

It is better to be the better person.

And I feel it is better to be the Princess who tells her people to be strong in both mind and body, and encourages an active mental and physical lifestyle. I have this terrible feeling the world is devolving into some sort of twisted reality and warfare between fitness versus laziness, and my principles put me on the side of the lean and fit. A studied mind. Respect for one's body and health. A sense of history and belonging. Knowledge. Tolerance. Respect, even for the other side. But all earned through hard work and sacrifice.

I would hate to simplify this into something stupid, like "the fit versus the lazy" but I feel there is a truth to that in the days in which we live. We live in a war between those pushing dependency versus those who value self-sufficiency.

For me, I have an independent spirit. This is who I am. This is my truth. I have known this since an early age. This is my path.

I walk the hills and listen to the breeze. I read the words of my ancestors. I study history.

I read.

I believe there is worth in educating myself and sharing that with others.

Knowledge is a strength, just as strength is a knowledge.

I believe there is a worth in being able to walk any path, any place, and at any moment.

Fitness in both the body and in the mind is freedom.

And I can encourage others to walk with me and enjoy the same.