Wild Exposure

Her mind flew through her faults-boobs too small, thighs too big, hips out of proportion, body out of shape in general-and then she saw the way he looked at her, his eyes moving slowly over her as he smiled to himself. She did the rest of the buttons herself, one at a time, impossibly slowly, as he ran his fingers over the skin she exposed as he could. He traced over her like she was made of porcelain, like she was incredibly delicate, and it was lovely, but-she pressed that part of her mind away. Ian had always been delicate, gentle, and she liked to be worshiped, sometimes. She liked being made love to.


When she'd unbuttoned the blouse, she let it hang loose over her, and Watched Ben as he slowly and carefully pushed it off her shoulders, and then sighed gently, tracing the paths his fingers had taken with his tongue, swirling down over the hollow of her throat, down between her breasts, his fingers all the while lighting her skin on fire. She tangled her fingers in his hair and tried not to want more.

"What do you want?"
More of this, apparently.

An amicable divorce followed by a random trip to a bar in in the city and hooking up with someone she knew in college by accident, followed by some catch-up sex? Not likely, but I am getting the suspicion this city is a little like Los Angeles, the land of dreams and convenient hook ups to get the plot moving, so I forgive because this book is magical like that. It just reminds me of one of those LA hook-up stories, and I can imagine waking up in the arms of some hot guy who owns a bar and dreamed about hooking up with me years ago and this is finally his chance.

And I watch has the cool, moist air rolls in off the ocean, the fog burns off, and those impossibly high palm trees reach for the heavens and are set afire by the orange glow of the morning sun. The traffic echoes off the 405 and you know the place is a bit old, slightly out of the 1950's, and isn't perfect, but the place is where you wanted to be. Those dreams still live in a place like this, ones from lives which once came here and that will continue to for as long as time eternal.


We forget their power. We forget their ability to unite us. We leave them behind after a long night's rest and our waking moments become nightmares of our own design with all the stresses of life, and then we dream of returning to this state again.

And the next morning, we forget them again.

Let's spend some more time here, shall we? Back into the magical land where a divorce can end up mutually beneficial, sort of like walking through the looking glass into a world where everything is new again, where our emotions are raw and we have to worry about things like hooks ups, dates, first impressions, and compatibility.

Does he leave used tissues on the nightstand? Is his sink always full of dishes? Does he let the hamper fill too high before running a load?

Does the sex make up for all that?

There are some things I can live with if I am treated like a goddess, believe me.

It is that sort of book, rediscovering yourself, and living through having your life turned upside down and picking up the pieces. When the big reveal happened and she knew him from college, I did a double take and had to re-read the section. I did not just see that, right? It felt a bit too convenient, like a perfect accident waiting to happen by the pen of this life's author. When I accepted the fact, the rest of the book went down smooth, and it actually worked pretty well.

Perhaps I am a bit too jaded and skeptical.

I need to let go of the past, and this book fits that bill perfectly. We need to be able to let go, to turn our lives ninety degrees and chart a new course. Where is the power of choice? What power do we have over our lives? You know those stories where someone says, "Ten years ago I quit my job and moved out to the coast with one paycheck and the dream of owning my own sailboat...."

And they did it, they live on that boat, and they took a life that was going one way and made it go their way.

And you feel that little thing in your head saying, "You can do this too."


That is this book.

Turning it all around. Finding love. Realizing that the man of your dreams isn't perfect, but love can smooth over the cracks in the sidewalk and make everything "the new right" again. Like jumping the tracks to a life that could have been, and now you have that chance to make it be.

Would you do it?

Would you?

The next time you have a chance to change your life, take it.

You just might thank yourself some day.