Trans-Sexed by the Buddha!

Sylvia couldn't help overhearing the two men at the next table in her local coffee shop.

"Bruh," the hunky one in the red mesh shirt said to his similarly hunky friend as he rubbed his crotch. "You were so right! This man-pussy movement is so cool. I can't believe mine! Women should not be allowed to monopolize owning these things."

"Me too, Bro. Man-packages are so full of historical baggage." His muscular and polo-shirted preppy friend nodded vigorously. "Dude I know, I got mine and immediately started doing strength workouts with it. My cunt is so powerful it can crush cans."

"Nowaybruh," Mesh-shirt said. "Can I put my hand in there and feel the power?"

Preppy smiled. "Dude, not in public. I am totally like fem-positive these days. Grab me at the gym, Bro. We got a whole class on man-pussy-dom going there, and no women allowed. We even got a new men's magazine going, take a look-see."

Preppy handed Mesh a glossy, artsy, black-and-white copy of Hiscunt magazine. On the cover was a male model in a handsome pose sniffing a rose, nude with only his hips wrapped in a towel. The cover had blurbs for articles including "Having is Better than Owning" and "The New All-Male Feminism."

She sat at the next table and rubbed her temples in painful repose. "This reminds me of a book I read recently..."

Trans-Sexed by the Buddha!

When I want to take a walk on the wild side of sex, I read K.C. Cave. Honestly, this is the equivalent of clicking on a random sex video on the Internet, being shocked with a group of naked people in latex masks doing unfathomable things to each other with handfuls of cherry pie, and then wondering what in the hell you just saw.

And then you spend the better part of the next few days looking for more of these videos.
Still, it was a dilemma. Guys aren't supposed to have pussies, right? But it didn't demand an immediate solution. His sex life had never been better!
Except for those worrisome changes. He hadn't shaved in weeks. His voice broke a lot. His ass, tight and curvy, looked so good in jeans that he stopped wearing them. He didn't have to shave his legs or underarms. But they were smooth and bare.
And it felt so good when he played with his nipples when he was masturbating or Bob was drilling them.
If I start growing tits, what am I going to do?
To be fair, the book is less of my bruh-focused mancunt satire and more of a classic transformation story. But you always have to wonder, "What if this did take off and become a thing...?"

I like transformation stories because they touch on a lot of social issues of adjustment and gender-based social biases. These are typically hot-button issues that attract nothing but flames out there in the cesspool of social media, but in books, in a sexy and humorous context, I feel we can explore these in a safe and fire-retardant way. We can read and share without having to put up our defenses, and this lets us be more open. I still feel books are still better for some topics than any other forum - including the clickbait press and social media roasting pits. If I want to form my own opinion and be informed, I will read a book and then talk about it.
"Hold it, man. Just hold it," Stacey said. "What you're saying - no way. That kind of transformation - trust me on this, I know people who have done it - costs tens of thousands of dollars and stakes many surgeries. Come on, Brian. Level with me."
They had almost polished off a bottle of wine, It wasn't until the second glass that Brian found the words and told her the reason he had to see her.
Sighing, he got up. "Okay if I slip into something more comfortable?"
What happens to a man's sex life once he goes from being a giver to a receiver? How does he see himself if he starts to grow a pair of boobs? How does he react to the changes and emotions?

This is all really great stuff, and I love the transformation books that hit upon these themes because I feel they bring the female and male parts of the species closer together. To understand each other sometimes is to watch that transformation, and in a way, we get to see both sides in this book as his girlfriend gets a special present of her own worthy of an article in Hercock magazine.

What's fair for him is fair for her.

And yes, I would subscribe to that.

It is a shorter story and more humor focused, which I feel is a plus. Some topics were made for short and snappy reads, and this is one. Improvements? I always like to include suggestions because they help us grow as writers and readers. Well, for one I would love to see a little more on attitudes and treatment after-the-change. It is always fun to see a man in his post-woman form, getting treated differently because of his-now-her looks by other guys. Getting talked down to and treated as a sex object. Guys thinking she can't handle a complicated task without being hovered over. The same guy who treated the man-side of this character differently than the woman-side, like all of a sudden buying the man-turned-female lunch when he would of never done that for the pre-transformation guy friend.

The sensations and actual transformation are one thing, but I feel you need that "oh shit, being treated as a woman in the same world I lived in is different" sort of part to the story to put the icing on the cupcake. There is a little of that, but as always I savor those parts and I love the flip in perspective and realizations of how huge of a change this really is to go from YX to XX chromosomed.

Beautiful cover by the way, the statue is a fun touch but I missed it on first glance. Great use of shadowing on the title, and a fun metal effect on the border (but I love the Photoshop liquid metal embossed look). I love the magic sparkles too on the letters, nice touch.

A snappy, witty, funny short story of a magical idol and how it turns the lives of two friends upside down. Worth a read and a smile or two, and it hits the right notes for a transformation story going both ways. Recommended for fans of the transformation genre.