Playboy Pulls Out of Facebook

We live in an amazing time. Check the above Twitter post.

I used to subscribe to Playboy, but gave them up when I found their style a bit too stuffy and backwards in comparison to the age in which we live. I still do to an extent, and the last physical adult magazine I subscribe to is Penthouse Letters. For one, there is a good representation of nude men in that magazine (which I adore as well as the ladies), the models are diverse in both body types and racial pairings, and also Penthouse and even Hustler I feel have gotten too political these days. Letters also is mostly reading about sex and then a couple pictures to go along with it to light the torch, so it does a good job of arousing while keeping the opinionated bullshit factor low and the sex content very dense and high.

I am sick of politics, I just want an escape.

But this? Playboy saying enough is enough to the largest social media network in the world and walking away?

Okay, my distaste for politics aside, this is amazing. Is it nice to see them stand for something again. You have won back an old fan.

But please stop it with the buzzword of the election (in the singular) in that statement, as I feel both sides are guilty of that for as long back as Facebook existed. Be honest, when you sell data for money you give up the piece of yourself that cares about where that money comes from. To be completely honest here is to use the word elections and take the high ground. This has been happening before the last election, it is not right even if your side does it, and stand on principle.

Absolutes help. They keep this from happening again. And they also prevent the easy justification of 'well the other side is doing it too.' Once you give up the solid rock of the high ground, you have no footing to make an argument for change or to hold the certain and righteous ground.

This is why objectivity is important.

This is why we say things are wrong even if it is "our" side doing it.

The fastest road to anywhere runs straight through Hell. Don't take it.

You will win fans on both sides if you take an impartial stand on this. Remember the center? That is where you want to be. Even if your beliefs are left-leaning on matters of sex and relationships, it is better to be in the center and move opinion from there than it is to build a castle on the fringe of opinion.

This though? Taking a stand?

You have won back an old fan, and I will be subscribing again. I see you offer a print plus digital edition and that is what I will be checking out with later today. You have earned another chance from me, and I shall be following along.

I also run the world's largest English-speaking Futanari (transgender) fiction interest group on Facebook with over 10,000 members (from the data I can gather and what I know). Your choice makes me think about my support of the platform. As a writer in the genre leaving Facebook would kill my largest marketing channel. If I do step away, I would probably hand the group off to another noted writer in the genre, so if you choose to stay there you will not lose your voice or reach. If you are a member or a writer you have no reason to worry, and you will be able to make your own choice to stay or not.

This has to be a personal choice with no hysteria or fear, and I respect everyone's right to make that in a calm and informed manner.

But Playboy? I speak to you and say well done, and thank you for a brave and needed stand today.