I Can Do It Better (A Cuckold Odyssey #2)

"Because the ten percent of my life that's about being a cuckold has great highs and great lows. When you watch Emma undressing in front of Mark for the first time, you will feel so much. You'll be more turned on than ever before. You'll also be jealous, angry, proud and protective - all at the same time. Every nerve in your body will be electrified. It won't be comfortable but you'll sure know you're alive. Then, afterwards, you'll hate both of them for betraying you. But not as much as you'll hate yourself for letting it happen. You'll be disgusted, but you'll still know you're alive.' I paused, remembering.

I shook myself out of it and continued, "Now, compare that with how most normal people feel. They spend the day at work and...it's all right. It's not great. It's not terrible. It's just what they do. When they're not working, they watch TV, they go shopping, they have a beer. And...it's all right. It's what most of my life is like, too. But if Tina told me tomorrow she was going to stop cuckolding me, all my life would be just that - all right.
I'm not sure I can go back to that.
I Can Do It Better (A Cuckold Odyssey #2)

Yes, a thousand times yes. I love it when a book goes all mental like that, from the point of view of a character (with a little insight from the writer), and we go deep down the rabbit hole inside someone's head. And then it deeply and so succinctly get it about the subject of which we read, and we are enlightened a little bit about the why as well as we are the how come. We understand a little bit better. A door is opened in our mind. This is why we are so turned on by this. This is what it means to someone else.

Communication and connection.

Something so rare and impossible these days.

Our book today is a book two in a sexual odyssey of a cuckolding couple, this time meeting with another couple and living out the fantasies and hows and whys with the other two. I dropped right into this book like a comfortable chaise lounge, never getting lost, and never needing to read the book one - and that is the hallmark of a writer who knows how to pick up on a story while keeping a newcomer perfectly informed, and also very nice work.
Ben had been quiet up until now. He'd spent most of the time giving Boris scraps on his plate while Tina and Emma were talking. Now he leaned forward and said, "Can I be one of those typical men and ask you a detailed question?'

"Sure," said Tina.

"What are you doing differently with the guy you're seeing...?" He paused and looked at Tina. "Are you happy to talk about these things? I mean, it's personal stuff."

Tina spread her hands. "Hey, we're all friends here."

Apart from a few chats on a website, we'd known them for a little over an hour. I wasn't sure we were best buds yet.

"We can agree that nothing leaves this room," said Tina.
Cuckolding over tea and sandwiches. I love the taste between friends here, the little observations, the little asides, the things which shouldn't be said in casual conversation yet they are, and the peering into a world we shouldn't be in the conversations between these two couples. Why they participate in this sordid and forbidden world. What turns them on. The encounters they had, and shall soon have.

The secrets and mysterious hook ups.

Who they love, and who they just use. And why.

It gives an insight and reflection of love, what it means, and contrasts that with a more primal world of sex and gratification that exists like an amusement park to these women. Some men were just built to be ridden like a roller-coaster, and that is what they are used for. Other men are for love, and the test of love is for the men to accept a woman's needs, both sides of her needs, the primal and the snuggle.

It is a reflection of something more basic and brutal about who we are as humans, the images we place upon genders, and the deeper notion of who we are. Are we more than animals? Yes. Are we that far from them?

I don't know.

Everything we say says yes, the pedestals and shrouds we place upon women, the puritanical and holy light we shine upon them, and yet all of it is a fabrication and a lie at the same time.

It is what we want to believe versus what we know.

It echoes back to that more primitive time. It tells us not much has changed. It shines a light on all of our make-believe pretenses and rules of this modern age, and then our presumptions of how the modern world works scurry off into the darkness like cockroaches.

The book delves further with a story, a marriage, and two women chasing the same man. Other men enter the picture. The plot goes deeper into these tangled webs, yet still manages to be accessible and readable all the same. I lost myself in this one, lost all track of time, and I sat transfixed upon the spiral and elegant arcs of character and plot here. The sordid details. The matrimony. The tangled web of truth and love.

There were moments I wished for a more focused and cohesive main thread, and a time where a moment I wished I could watch first-hand was recounted in a rather lengthy letter. These were minor things though, just passing thoughts in my journey through this book. For the majority of this work, I was lost upon it, and it held my attention tightly.

Recommended strongly for those wishing to dive deep into the hows and whys of cuckolding, and this one takes a slower path with an interesting tale along the way. Two couples meet, and their lives are changed, heartbreaks are had but not felt, but the essential and basic feelings of love and personal worship keep them on a steady path through the storms of bringing another, not a lover, but a performer, into a bed shared between two souls who care for one another to an extent far beyond the normal perceptions of pleasure.

Nicely done.