Hawaiian Treat (Futa on the Beach 1)

The blue waters lapped at the beach. Women in bathing suits abounded. There were so many different styles: two pieces, one pieces, monokinis, string bikinis, and more. All the women were beautiful. Different races, different body styles, different sized breasts and curvy asses. I licked my lips...
Hawaiian Treat

All the fun of gals with big something extras and no worries about volcanoes? Count me in.

Today we head to the islands of paradise with a futanari sampling the island's delights. This book is a part of a series, so me jumping into the middle wasn't exactly smart, but I should have been able to pick things up - and I did, to an extent. I wanted just a little more summary before we began, a little paragraph of who this was and her looks, background, and some of that other critical data I needed to paint a picture. We had some history, to be fair, but not so much on the visuals which is what I wanted. Yes, jumping in is probably my problem, but even if a reader does jump in I need some of the basics on visuals to get me started.

The book starts with a bang with sex, interludes with a visit to the beach, and then ends with sex. It is a shorter book, a part of a series, and the one thing I wished for was a little slower burn before the fun began. Our futanari has a magic seduction power, and I felt the second scene was much better done since we got to enjoy the seduction more before the fun began. The first was a 'jump in' type of scene, and I would have loved for there to be a little more tease and 'should I?' before the new gal joined in.

The sex was fun, and I felt it was a little more on the porn-y side than the romance-y side, with lots of 'oh you are doing this to me' sort of statements that I felt were more for the reader than for the characters. It was sort of like that talk you get in porn movies where the actress says, 'oh yeah, please put that big thing in me' sort of talk that is nasty, but you get a sneaking suspicion it is more for the viewers at home than the characters in the scene. I like nasty talk, and some of this hit the button for me, but I felt some of the talk could have been replaced by action and things would have felt more balanced, at least in my tastes.

Strange tastes indeed.

Nasty talk is always tough since too much and it slides towards trite, and too little and the characters are silent. Plus I like nasty talk, but in small, very intense doses where the reader gasps at what was just said.

And the moment has to be right.

Visuals! I wanted more visuals here, as if you are in paradise, I want the sway of the palm trees, the rustle of the wind, the hot, sticky air, the endless blue expanse of ocean, and the relaxed, tropical feel of the warm sand beaches. I want the small, quint plazas pained up in pastels, the island ambiance, and the grass umbrellas over the wooden tables by the pool. A huge part of travel-rotica is the escape, and if you are in a beautiful place, not giving us a little taste is a sin. I wanted more visuals overall, but by the end with the seduction scene on the beach we had some very nice visuals, with the bikini and the seduction, that made the beginning of the book feel a little wanting for a little more detail, just in my feeling.

The futanari were nicely done here, and I loved the surprise reveals and then the nonstop sex afterwards with each new conquest. I would have loved for this to slow down and savor each new mate, and to have some more talk and back-and-forth between them. As it is, the romps were fun and energetic, and I dare say I wanted each scene to be a little bit longer and a little bit more nasty. This is probably me liking what I seen and wanting more.

I have a soft spot for the harder parts of futanari, to be sure.

Overall, not really erotic romance, but a sexy sex book filled with some good fantasy-worthy futanari sex that will entertain and give you some seeds in which to plant your own fantasies. The sex is the star of the show, and I found myself wanting to go back and sample some of the earlier books to get a better understanding of the characters and situation. Not really for seasoned readers of prose though, this is more 'just sex' and it delivers that in a basic, yet still fun way. I enjoyed this.