Wednesday Workshop: The Certain Silence of the Peaceful Mind

The words will come when you settle in. You just need to give yourself time.

I take time away, because there are other things in my which call to me in this moment. Other callings. Other things I wish to do at this moment in my life. It is our right and one should never feel bad for chasing the things which we love.

You must answer your callings.

I will be back to the written word, time and the moment will call me back, and I feel no regret.

You need to let go of regret.

Words do come naturally to me, but so does so much else. I need to feel I have time to explore my dreams and chase that rainbow, if only for a moment, if only for a season or two. Time is always our enemy, robbing us of potential and drifting away in lost moments to never be seen again, like a toy floating away on the waves.

So I am out here, exploring the unknown which I love.

And I am well.

Once you free yourself from distractions so much more is possible. Once you free yourself from the daily dosage of negativity fed to you by others you find happiness and creativity. You can discover again, if it is only just yourself. Certainty of mind is peace of mind, and getting rid of needless things in your life is the key to freedom. The less distractions you have, the better off you are.

I hear more now. I see more. I enjoy more. I still have worries, but those get compartmentalized away for when I want to deal with them. I put procrastination away in a box, and do the things in which I am expected as soon as I can get to them. Don't dread the things in which you do, just do them. Get them over with.

And then live for yourself.

Truly live.

You may see storms coming. You may be upset because others tell you to be. This is the last time we can change things for the better. Everyone is selling the end of the world, haven't you heard, it is a certain thing now. It seems the only way they can get people to listen to them is declare such nonsense. What will happen when people tire of the dire warnings of armageddon?

Likely nothing.

The next Armageddon will come along, be proclaimed as even more dire than the last one, and life will go on.

Nothing will happen tomorrow.

Only the message will change, for goals and aims which we shall truly never know.

I will vote, my mind is made up, and that will be the end of that. Until then, I don't have to listen to any of you.

I freed myself from your nonsense.

Like I freed myself from so much other nonsense in my life. Worry, doubt, fears, just a bundle of needless and worthless emotion. Self-inflicted wounds. Things I do to punish myself because I enjoy the things I love. Born of guilt really, telling yourself you do not deserve to have something for yourself every once and a while, and then you find something else to worry about to take your mind away from really enjoying that thing you love.

People are all too willing to provide this negativity. These doubts. These fears. They will happily supply you with all the self-loathing you can handle, and care not a whit about the enjoyment you let blow away to the winds of time.

Don't let these people in.

Don't let others be the measure of happiness for the things you love.

Never feel guilty.

These are your dreams, and you should never feel guilty for dreaming them, or chasing them.

You could be doing other things, you could be writing, you could be carving a new face into Mount Rushmore, but if you are doing none of that and enjoying your life, you should never feel a pang of guilt.

You will get back to those other things in time.

For now, you have dreams to catch.

Go, catch them.