Wednesday Workshop: Weaponized Agitation

It won't be artificial intelligence that destroys the world. It will be a lack of the same.

Or simply put, I feel social media will destroy the world.

Why? The power of this is unchecked, and every discussion on social media is subject to the sandwich theory. That is, if you put shit in any sandwich, it becomes a shit sandwich. I don't care if you have a Reuben or a BLT, the end result is the same.

Discourse on most social media is controlled by the worst voices. Now please, get out of your bubble and stop seeing the other side as the worst - because you are being played. In any discussion there always are people in the middle who can come to an agreement on any issue - this happened before social media - but not much after it. But there are other people on social media who pretend to be your friends, on your side, and the first thing they do is lower the argument to the lowest level and expect all of their friends to come to their defense.

Some people love the fight.

They really could care less about the issue.

I don't believe many of these people who live to agitate do. Some would sock puppet and jump in on both sides to pull people into a fight.

And people jump to their defense because chances are, a shit thrower on the other side is slinging back. Everyone gets hit, everyone gets soiled. Good people jump in and throw shit themselves. You may have seen something that angered you and picked up a handful yourself, looking for a target. Maybe you got called a name. Maybe your feelings got hurt by wading into the fray. The mere fact you stepped into it made you a target, and really you only have yourself to blame for your hurt feelings now. You got involved. You took the bait.

Meanwhile, the ones who started all this sit there and laugh at the mess everyone is causing.

Learn the definition of the word agitator.

Now learn these exist on your side of an issue. These people aren't your friends. They aren't helping your cause. They, more than likely, are hurting it by making everyone on your side look like assholes. And the assholes on the other side are more than happy to bring out the worst - on your side.

To get normal people all riled up. To make the average housewife into a class A shit thrower. To take a mild mannered coffee shop guy and get him tossing right back at her. To take someone who normally wouldn't be an agitator and turn that person into one by getting them tangled up into some argument and burned horribly by someone else.

And this isn't just single people these days, there are entire organizations devoted to this producing slick shit throwing videos and web pages - on both sides - getting everyone all riled up and hating each other. These sites aren't really on your side, even though they say they are. Foreign governments create these sites to sow discord, playing both sides of an issue in "that other country" so people get all riled up. Each side blames each other for outside influence, he did this, she did that.

Give me a break.

All have sinned.

Does this mean there aren't horrid things either side is doing? No, there are horrid policies and views of the world out there and they are not right. My opinions have not changed nor am I excusing terrible and inhumane policies.


Now can these ever be discussed if the lowest among us are the ones pushing us from understanding and compromise? Agitators exist to push people into tribes and camps, and keep us from coming together in the middle. All of a sudden, to each side radical policies and ideas become the mainstream - there isn't any room in the middle anymore to look at things in a logical and humane light anymore, is there?

The more people fight the more they dig in.

And the less chance we have for change.

So now those who want inhumanity and division know agitation will solidify the base, and make the unacceptable answers the only ones acceptable to the tribe.

I feel there isn't a middle ground on social media. Not anymore.

Thanks, Big Tech.

Days go by and I wonder why I still use social media.

I spend more time blocking and filtering than I do anything useful or life-enhancing.

I don't want your hate.

I feel my only option is to leave.

Political ads filled with hate you can never escape. Youtube shoves them in my face before anything I watch or every five minutes in something I am trying to enjoy like some Big Brother dystopia straight out of 1984.

Because of what "big tech" knows about me I feel I am being targeted by efforts to suppress the vote from the other side. Negative ads. Seven second hit pieces on Youtube you can't skip. Yes, that person you think I would likely vote for is worse than the Devil. You tell me every five minutes. For the last three months. And my life sucks.

My social media life sucks.

But if I walk away this all ends.

Either that or I vote for the Devil with a smile on my face because fuck you vote suppression people and your social media enablers.

Did you know I wasn't voting for that candidate in the first place, big tech? I am already at the point where I yell that at my "smart TV" hoping it will listen to me.

It doesn't help.

Perhaps this was done on purpose, to get me to vote for the Devil in the first place. They knew even more about me than I knew. And then I add another tin foil hat to my unwanted collection.

And lots of groups, including big political parties, have weaponized agitation on social media to do exactly this. Everybody does it so you can't point a finger at the other side on this - you know it is true. And just because they do it doesn't mean you should, or is it too late for common sense? Perhaps everyone should get in the gutter. Perhaps that is where we are.

But then again, weaponizing evil and using it for good purposes doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But as long as the shit throwers are on your side it makes things okay, right? Go troops! Go get 'em!

Again, you are being played.

Like a fool.

Read that definition of the word agitator again.

There's big profit in taking a fool's money after all, with soulless web advertisers paying by the click and page view - no matter what - as long as they get SEO they are happy to spread the hate and cash their checks. Social media isn't your friend, it is the needle in which hate is injected into your brain and your time and money are withdrawn.

For profit.

You just opened the door to the worst people in the world and let them into your house.

You got into a fight when all they wanted to do was trash your place.

For a laugh.

And now you have hurt feelings. You want to hit back. You brought hate into your heart.

What did you expect?

And chances are, that hate is exactly what they expected from you.

The sandwich theory.

So click on that link, or watch that video. Share that link. Add to the fire. Chances are, someone is making a lot of money off your hurt feelings right now.

And you are helping them for free. It is really nice of you.

It's your time and energy being used, and your feelings being hurt after all.

Not their wallets.

Those only grow larger.