Kor the Savage: Barbarian lust in an erotic world

A set of thundering hooves came close behind him and he risked a glance over his shoulder. It was Andara herself astride her great white stallion, the Amazon chieftain galloping hard on his tail. In one hand she gripped her horse's reins, in the other she swung a loop of rope above her head. Her naked, tan breasts bounced unfettered as her steed galloped beneath her; her long red ponytail fluttered behind her like a braided horse's tail.

She cast the rope. The air whistled with hemp.
Kor the Savage: Barbarian lust in an erotic world

Savage swords and sorcery barbarian meets futanari Amazon chieftain in a violent world?

I'm in.

This one surprised me and it is a real gem for cross-gendered adventure fans. This story is written in that savage, rough and bloody style of 'conqueror' books, with a barbarian hero and a well-endowed in more-than-one-way sidekick Amazon, and the two wrestle, fight, banter, and make love as savagely as the world is deadly and I devoured this one like a leg of lamb pulled from a spit and offered to me in a tribal gathering.

The atmosphere here is dead-on perfect, and we even get the sights and sounds of this world along with that dirty, gritty feeling. The imagery of the barbarian and the Amazon futa chieftain making love in the dirt, wrestling down a hill, and then ending up in the mud and water to finish is something out of a movie, and it fit the feel of this book perfectly.

The sex is good, if not just a tiny bit on the short side, but this is a short story so more sex would have meant less sword-swinging so I was fine with it. The book made me want to read a longer version of this tale, and I feel it is truly something that could be expanded to epic length and enjoyed.

Some of the genre's tone and color notes are hit upon in this book as well, and it feels like it was written from a fan of the savage swords and sorcery genre. Oppressive cities filled with distrustful citizens, wild plains filled with Amazon tribes and the freedom of the wild, and hideous monsters lurking in dark towers. The tale does not feel like it was pulled from some tabletop adventure or MMO either, it has a genuine air of authority and honesty written from a fan's perspective, and it thrills and entertains with its mix of savagery and sexual situations.

The futanari angle fits perfectly, and I could imagine a tribe of Amazon she-warriors roaming around a world like this and our barbarian hero using the lot of them (and them as well in a mutual fashion) for savage and rough-riding pleasures. I enjoyed this one immensely, and it is a well-deserved and fun romp through a savage world filled with sword (and ahem, spear) swinging women of a feral world, and the long-sword wielding barbarian who rides with them.

Me wanting more is the sign of a good book, and that is really my only fault here. This is one I felt I could have lost myself in, and it is a brief taste of a job well done.