Sunday Writing: One + One

Oh, beautiful fears with your twin shadows uncertainty and doubt. How you never escape us, unlike the glory days of the past. How we remember these days, flashes here and there, memories of the best and rarely the worst. Except if those times were truly terrible, and then we can recall every moment, second by second, with random snapshots filtering through to our memories to begin the painful process of remembrance once again.

Though in a way, we need to remember these times. This is what makes us human. Sorrow and doubt. Happiness and the power to blissfully forget. Hope for the future.

We are each still here, living our lives on the paths upon which we choose.

Doing the best to our abilities.


For some, that is enough. For some, just being able to share is enough. We can dream of golden days ahead, but many of us know any road ahead of us is long and hard, and we can either enjoy every bump and pothole along the way or dread each. For me, it is a mix mostly, there are times when I bemoan the difficulty of life and complain about how nothing is easy. How some days it is difficult to get out of bed in the morning, yet I must.

But there are other times, especially when I am sharing, when I realize how truly blessed I am to be alive.

To share is to live.

To contribute to this event call 'life for us all' is a blessing, even if I am one voice, never heard, in a crowd of billions. To be a part of this is an amazing thing. To share my vision of worlds and people to never be, yet these characters and places are crafted from pieces of us all is so special and once-in-my-lifetime the magic is undeniable.

Even if only one person reads what I do and is touched.

This is an amazing thing.

And tomorrow comes with its heartaches and tough times. Bills appear in the mailbox. The sacrifice of work and its joys of contributing to a difficult world which I never dreamed I would be a part of is my weekly routine. It is pain, yet it is validation. I am someone. I can do good and great things outside of my creative box. I have value more than just dreams, yet my dreams are the things in which I live for.

They are important to the world outside my thoughts, just as much as the life I live and the things I do.

I suffer so I can create. I live so I can share. I dream and build so I can do so again tomorrow, even in the face of agony and tears, the bitter memories of a painful past, and the genuine belief that while there may be some days ahead which are just as tough, or tougher still, that on the balance all the good times coming up will be worth the trip.

I have to see these places.

I have to have these experiences.

I need to share, I need to create, and I need to be in a place of creation and excitement in order to live in the future I wish to live in. Moreso, I need to help others do the same. To help, to offer a hand up, even if it is through my own unique and biased view of the world, it is a hand up. A word said. A suggestion offered. A thought shared. To bring light upon something which would sit in darkness. I do not do these things because it helps me, but because I know the power it has in helping others.

If someone were to offer this to me, even if I did not entirely agree with the words which were said, I would be both excited and grateful at the time someone spent considering my work seriously and with thought, and then sharing that with the world. Helping others is a special thing, with rewards and a gracious and unselfish satisfaction a power all its own. One must help others without expectations to be able to feel this power, and then do so time and time again without bragging or raising one's own value in pride envious of others.

What we do in public does not make us great, it is what we give in silence.

The world needs more of this.

Not charity, but honesty and an honest effort to lift others up.

To bring light to darkness.

To admit wrongs.

To right them and be able to move on.

It is always better to move on, and again, the power of those better days ahead is what makes living for the future always better than living in the past.

What I do isn't perfect, but it is me. I don't admit to being anyone or anything special, nor do I want to be. I say things as I see them, and I expect you to disagree. What I write may not be the things you like. I don't expect them to be, but again, they are a part of me. What I do is what I do.

And I expect these things to be true of everyone.

And I smile at the uniqueness and individuality of every soul on this journey with me.

It is what it is, I suppose. But this thing called sharing is special. To bring a light into another life. To suffer through the painful creative process to bring a new idea into the world, and to watch that idea live and take on a life of its own. And when we see how our creation changes a life, we silently smile and know that the path we walked to get here was worth it.

And that the path ahead will even be more so.

Come, walk with me.

Let us see this future together, no matter where it brings us. Good times or bad, I have a plan, and so do you. Events may bring us together, or they may send us far apart. But we shall take special satisfaction at having been here, together, in this singular, rare, moment in time. That connection, that shared experience, and this moment is what makes the memory of this time special in the faded photographs of our minds, years from this moment.

Me, speaking to you.

And you, speaking to someone else.

Creating, then sharing is that connection.

One, plus one.