TS, I Love You: Unconditional Lust (Book 1)

Presley nodded, but her expression showed her thoughts were someplace other than where our light chatter had taken us. Our food was delivered, yet neither of us reached for a fork. Presley had caught me in her gaze, and I swallowed to keep from giggling like a schoolgirl, sensing her attraction to me.
I asked, “Are you… involved with anyone?”
TS, I Love You: Unconditional Lust

Kay Brandt is one of those writers that I admire. She can keep a conversation going through something innocuous, such as a meal, and layer in levels of subtle subtext that reveal deeper emotions. Today’s book is about a transsexual who is about halfway there on conversion, and her old high school friend who catches up on life with her over lunch.

This is the beginning of a relationship that was started a long time ago when she was a he. The two knew each other back in high school, yet they never really knew each other. Only now, after a great change could they really open up and understand each other. Of course, now Preston is a Presley, and his awkward once – male ways have given way to his new feminine identity.

A lot has changed with me as well, so this is very familiar. When I am ready…

Back to the book. I love the writing here, as it is mature without being immature. You know how some erotic books get where the dirty words seem to take over the narrative. Where the shock of seeing the words cock and cunt and fucking seem to take over the feeling of a paragraph or passage, and the situation is nothing more than shock value and feels oddly devoid of reality and character. Here, we start with the simplest and most relatable of situations, taking an old friend out to lunch.

I like the introduction here, it does not go on too long yet it does the essential job of setting up the situation and getting us into the groove quickly. If it were me, I would have started entire book at the lunch and relayed all the setup information as a sort of in passing backtracks every now and, but I see nothing wrong or bad about how this was done and this is just a matter of personal style and preference. This book hits the ground running and does a good job of pipe laying to set up the tension later.

The lunch is a particularly masterfully crafted piece of work. There are passages about the mood shifting in the conversation and the clouds outside casting shadows that reflect that mood. Certain writers have vision, a vision greater than and ability to reflect what happened like some sort of stenographer sitting beside the scene. They have the ability to create a painting with mood and color out of carefully picked elements of the scene, and all of a sudden what could have been a cold and lifeless photograph relating “what was there” becomes a finely textured and mood – appropriate painting where the artists vision comes through with a carefully crafted series of strokes.
The mood shifted as the clouds dimmed the sunlight to the window. “Very serious. You were, like, the girl I’d have dated if I had been dating then.”
Later, the two of them end up together in the real fun begins. We see those first precious moments of a woman exploring another woman in private, and her anxiety at dealing with the half of her that is still a male. A transsexual romance. Pulling up that skirt and finding something unexpected underneath. I love transgendered fiction because it turns gender roles on their head, it puts things where things are not supposed to be. It points a finger at our fake world that we think is something ripped out of the 1950s, where there is no sex and everybody is this smiling happy fake plastic face with a perfect life, and it takes that finger and raises the middle one and holds it up high in its face.

I loved the mixing of male and female roles.
“You excite me.” My hand down her knee and I rubbed around it, slowly moving my fingers up her thigh. “I’ve never kissed a woman before.”
But it is not a woman, yet now it is. If you understand what those words mean, in the context of the heaping pile of bullshit “society” and “social media” heap upon us, that we are all some mass-produced synthetic consumer that comes out of a factory somewhere to give them our slave money for junk produced by other slaves then you understand. The concept of “man” and “woman” are manufactured and is fake as this sexless society that social media is forcing upon us like a dictator who does not care.

We have been abandoned, and the righteous cause has been abandoned.

I believe in freedom.

And I wake up in a day where history is being banned from app stores. Where adult performers are harassed when they try to open bank accounts. Where payment processors are free to censor internet content. Where transgendered models and artists were kicked off a social media platform entirely, just for expressing themselves and the beauty of their bodies. I live in a world where the terms of service for the largest social media network in the world now threatens groups about books that cover transgender interests.

It is a day I wake up and I realize that the progressives in social media and big tech only cared about the progression of money into their pocketbooks.

The only woke they care about is you being conscious enough to watch their advertisements. You are not woke. They want you to say that so you think you identify with their platform. When they get profitable, or times are tough, they will abandon you and put on their plastic Ward and June Cleaver masks and pretend it's the 1950's again.

And I read a book like this, innocent and a romance that is beautiful and truly progressive in the way we knew the word - once. I love this book and this series, it makes me think of the innocent days just five years ago where we thought the world was changing for the better. The innocent days when I started and felt I could write about anything, and I can have the freedom to express myself and tell others what I have done. That I could truly be able to share freely.

Those days are now gone.

Back to the book. This is a beautiful tale of two people dealing with labels, and coming to understand each other despite those labels. It is the essential freedom for a man to say “I am a woman” and to live that life in freedom, and to find love and acceptance as the role she now chooses to play in this short life of ours. One of the most shocking things that I find that the so-called progressives these days do not understand is that the freedom to choose if you are a man or woman is the essential freedom and human right that a human has on this world.

This is the pursuit of happiness.

And yet, with each day they shut us down. We are not free to pursue happiness.

Love. Like the two characters in this book, you either believe in it and it changes your life or you do not and you surrender your soul to the machine. And the lies of this machine and its sanitization of its forced gender roles ruin people’s lives and nobody cares. Nobody on social media cares, they just want to look good. The machine trained them that way well.

I will be reviewing this series and taking you through the journey of my thoughts and feelings. I know that this book probably doesn’t deserve the ire of my current discontent, but in a way the innocence and love expressed in this book reflect a more innocent time that I wish we were back in. This reminds me of the days when I started, but it is a defined and beautiful look into the lives of two souls, lost upon this world, and to seek to find happiness. Like a spark the innocence of the situation lit a fire in me, and caused me to reflect upon our world today.

Where we are, and what is coming.

I suppose I saw a deeper conflict in the story of a man becoming a woman, and finding happiness, and contrasted that with the lives that we now live where happiness is denied to us.

I love this book, and I thank Kay for pulling me back into the game, which now, is not a game anymore. A short story about two becoming one, and highly recommended.