The Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust, and Fate

Today we read a book covering about 20 years of a man's life, the hero in The Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust, and Fate. This is a fascinating book in both erotic content and the coming-to-terms with our hero's inadequacies. Our hero is size-challenged, and through his cuckold fetish comes to terms with that. By the end, he even gets to play along quite well despite his deficiency. There is a wonderful story hidden in here of overcoming that, and turning a life around in spite of that. His limitations were never physical, they were in his mind.

You know that is a wonderful story to tell, and for this type of self-inflicted mental struggle erotica is a great place to explore this topic. Well, it may be the only place given the subject matter, so that is our little advantage over the rest of fiction.

The cover is funny, almost a "self help book" look to it, with humor and a bit of character. It is a nice cover, silly in a way, and poking fun at itself. There is also a subtle message here of his perception of himself, afraid, insecure, and way down there at the bottom. It's a smart cover, a bit clashing with the colors, but it communicates the message of the book with a little humor and poignancy. Nice job here.

Text-quality is above-average to good, the book was written in a quick and easy style I liked. It felt sometimes light on the details and narrative, but kept to the action and plot tightly. While I like books that keep things moving, I would have liked some of the softer 'set the scene' stuff in there to ground me in a place and time. In a book covering this span of time, it felt a bit light on the times and places for me. The text-quality is good, but we have some things that bug me, like and ALL CAPS part, and a couple obvious dialog tags, like she continued. It's nicely done though, and kept me reading.

There is a lot of sex in the book, and our characters are jumping into scenes with more than just a one-on-one frequently. The thrill of watching is highlighted here, and we even get a wonderful part where an older woman takes him under her wing to give him confidence and a new start on his sexual life. There is even a wonderful list on the do's and do-nots of the fetish, along with how he should come to terms with his size issue. It is in the end a very interesting and uplifting little section of the book. It was inclusive, fun, and showed that everyone can participate in sexual awakenings and fetishes - and they don't have to be perfect.

I'd call this a good heat-level if only for the variety and kinky encounters we are taken through. You have to be into the fetish to enjoy them, since they involve participation as a spectator for the most part. Still, I found a lot here to enjoy, and plenty of nastiness to satiate my desires. Again, nice job on this.

Some of the sex had so many characters I felt we had a lack of description and dialog. It seemed like a trade-off for the length of the book and to also keep things interesting, so I noticed it but didn't mind as much. It is a long book, a short novel length, so there is a good deal here. I would have liked to get into the other characters deeper, but you know, that is something you can say about any book. There were some characters I wanted more on, and they dropped away too quickly for my liking. The multiple partner scenes were a little cooler to me because of that; but I know, you can't have everything, especially when it comes to group sex. 

Then again, I get that feeling I get when I read a good book - I want more, so I have this craving that things were light and I wanted more details and deeper backgrounds. I am always on the lookout for that feeling because overdone, and you get too much and ruin the pacing. A good reviewer just doesn't go with feeling, they understand their biases as well and can reflect on them.

Something negative may be a positive. Be honest and admit your biases, instead of reporting them as self-apparent facts. Let others decide and think for themselves. I am humble, but I love to show respect. So I err on the side of honesty and letting others make up their own minds.

A recommend for this book, it was nicely written, had a wonderful positive and inclusive message, and introduced us to the fetish of cuckoldery quite nicely. The story of the hero was the journey here, and his coming to terms with what he thought was a limitation, but it opened a whole new world of exotic fetish pleasures to him was my warm and fuzzy takeaway. Nice job on this, and I am a happy reader today. Recommended.