I cannot think of a time when ugliness is so worshiped as these days. I go everywhere and the hideous and grotesque is celebrated. The self-hate is at times overwhelming. The darkness creeps in from everywhere, and it seems beauty and peace are attacked out of spite.

You try to do or create something positive and it is attacked as if sport. Any bit of news is instantly weaponized by both sides, and the battle begins.

I am about ready to quit Twitter. Not because I was attacked and this is some sort of reaction, it is being one click away from a cesspool which disgusts me. Oh, this trending hashtag looks fun...

Not thirty seconds later I am sorry I ever clicked on it.

The revulsion and disgust I feel shall last in my soul for days if not weeks from being exposed to that crap. Even Facebook is a shade better than Twitter these days, and that isn't saying much. And it happens every time I go back there.

I would rather hang out on porn sites these days and read endless comments on videos that say "fucking great tits" and "I came twice" than find finger food in the dirty cat-box of Twitter. At least on porn sites people are being relatively positive and constructive. At least on porn sites those involved in acts of love or lust are trying to get some pleasure out of the experience.


There is a new brand of Internet religious extremist and they worship hate. No gods, no religion, they just preach hate. They take sport and humor in ripping everything to shreds. Fake accounts take outrageous positions on both sides and try to make each other look worse than each other, and they try to top themselves with each cycle on meanness and negativity.

They seek to turn people off from politics and community participation by purposefully making it as ugly as they can manage. They chase people away. They try to control the platform. This is social media ethnic cleansing.

It is a war brought on for no good reason and I walk through fields of misery and despair. I see broken bodies and shattered minds, the blood of innocents spilled, hope turned into hate, and what was once a nice place the home of the crows who feast upon the dead.

Twitter has become scorched earth. There is no way back from what it is now. Gone.

And nobody knows why this war started.

But I have a feeling for where it shall end.