I feel it.

I feel it coming.

The evolution, the re-imagination, and the realignment. Of myself. Of who I am and what I want. Of the words I wish to say. I see pieces of the future, tiny little flashes, and I see a tomorrow which is possible - probable - one of many not yet here and one which may never be.

It is not something seen as it is felt.

One sees the pieces, the little specks of light, and the parts of a path that dart in and out of the forest of uncertainty can be seen. The rest, the connections between the pieces of the whole, can be assumed to be there.

That path is contiguous, it is one track, though the route feels to wind its way through terrain spectacularly bad and amazingly beautiful in its raw power and danger. It is there though. That path...is there.

It is a path which shall require some sacrifice. You look at a track like that, and you heft the heavy pack upon your back, and your slowly come to the realization that you shall not make it if you continue on with your heavy load. Adjustments must be made. Weight must be shed. The painful give and take must be given its due.

Time to give up the things which we once thought were certainties.

Time to start at that path, make some adjustments, and take that first step.

Because the end of the path shall be worth it, yes.

But the trip along the way shall be even more memorable.