Slight Pauses

I make myself write every day, but you may see slight pauses as life overtakes me and I get busy with other things. The inspiration does not have to be there, you should never make that a precondition, so one should not wait for the mood to strike in order to begin writing.

One should just write.

The inspiration shall come.

But if I want to be here I shall commit to this.

I would like to return to reviewing as well, and work on more of my backlog of old reviews. I feel the market as moved on, so the value of those these days would be limited. The book market's money is made in new releases and strong tails still taper off over time.

I find inspiration in what others are doing. People tell stories through words, and others through images, and I visit those places daily to keep up on things. Little tales, stories of struggle and heartbreak, and those fill my sails with a stuff breeze and I feel the movement happen again.

To sail though. To sail would be magnificent. To have the wind in my sails again and be crashing through the waves on my way towards a finished book would be an incredible feeling.

Some things in my life tell me I need to prepare for that moment.

Other things tell me I have everything I need and to unfurl those sails.

I stare at the rope that ties my vessel to the dock and wonder. I see it pull taut with each swell. I see the slow rocking motion of the ship's hull. I hear the waves lap against the ship.

I stare out upon a horizon as blank as a fresh canvas and wonder. The clouds above me billow and dance in the sky.

I just need a destination.

A map.

And I feel I shall go.