Slipping In and Out

It is easy to fall out of the habit of writing. I suppose I have quite a ways to go. Even though I am in isolation during this pandemic and I have time to write, I am focusing on myself and things I need to get done. The muse is not yet with me, I find my interests in other places, and the words are not coming to me.

I know, the words shall if you make time and force yourself to write. This is always the case, the words flow forth the easiest when something is flowing and the hesitation is broken. Water which can flow will clear a frozen pipe. If the entire pipe freezes it bursts. There just has to be something moving through and the water shall do the rest of the job.

This is where I am.

Just these entries serve as a sort of rehab, the slow road back, to keep writing and sharing so someday I shall say, "I wish I had started earlier and kept this up on a regular pace."

I know. I know.

Secretly, I am there I just do not have the want to do this again. Perhaps I shall find that. Perhaps I won't. If I don't keep this up I shall never know.