Writing in Isolation

My self-imposed isolation from the pandemics continues. One from a virus, another from fear.

I am being wise and careful. Where I live does not have supplies to test, so reduce your risks until testing can begin and things can begin to get under control. I prepared for this as well, so I am not running to the stores - which I know have been stripped bare by now.

It is a little crazy out there right now.

But remember, while things may look like a post-apocalyptic wasteland now, we live in a world driven by consumer goods and services. Those shelves will refill. There shall be more toilet paper. Get through one or two weeks and the panic buying shall subside, some things will remain in short supply, but eventually things shall slowly move towards a new level of normalcy.

This is not the end of the world.

This is the beginning of a new one.

What I fear is the disruption. Big events like this historically setup strange new worlds. They give nations and popular movements "ideas." The Great Depression preceded World War Two by a decade, and that one event setup the next - and eventually the world we live in today.

More damage shall be done to history by this event than the event itself - give it time.

As for the immediate, if you are at risk - take caution. This is not the time for fighting. This is not the time to live in the alternate realities of social media. The world that started in 2001 on September 11 is over. This even starts a new age for us and those who recognize the new reality we live in shall be the masters of this new age.

All the tools developed in the previous age shall play into this. Big data. Multinationals. Super corporations. Localization or services and resources. The virus is transforming our way of delivering services to people and communities. The world - and our government - and our communities - is about to get Amazoned. The old model of the dependence on the government for everything will fade away. They will be there, but only to keep the machine greased and running well.

If you are sitting out there thinking like a traditional conservative or progressive thinker you are in for a rude awakening. In three months the world shall not be recognizable. Not because it shall end, but it shall transform into this world of the cloud where even city services, health, education, fitness, transportation, employment, and more are shopped for and delivered directly to your home.

Your new life.com is coming.

This virus is the World War Two that will take the agrarian world of 1901-1939 and transform it into the retro-future atomic-powered 1950s. And I want my flying car to have fins. And I want to visit the moon and look back at this world and remember the day I wrote this.

If you don't see this world coming you are stuck in the past.

And right now, I write for myself. I have stories I work on from time to time, with no pressure to release them nor ever publish them. They are just for me to help pass the time. I read. I write. The work I put into it I reflect upon, and i go back and expand certain parts, edit others, and shape it as a painter or sculptor would if it were just a side project.

But I keep it here - I keep it open. I read through it. I reflect on what works and what doesn't. I put it away when I am tired of it. But I keep coming back to it when I have nothing else to do.

And in these days, there is a lot of nothing to do.

I come back to this blog.

I know.


Who reads?

People that write books do.