Freewrite Smart Typewriter

Thanks to this device, my five-year bout of writer's block is ending. I can't credit this device entirely, but I can report what I found.

Modern spell and grammar checkers were killing my flow.

These "helpful" tools were also making my writer's block worse.

When I went to a device that did not have spell or grammar checking, all of a sudden, I returned to the muse. My flow had returned. My voice. One I had not heard for five years.

The tools I depended on to help me write were nagging and pestering me so much I stopped writing. They destroyed my confidence. They caused me to stop-start and stop-start endlessly. For every word I wrote, I had to go backward with every idea I wrote to the page.

To be honest, I can write with these tools, and I am doing it now.

But to have a case of writer's block, and to be nagged and pestered with every word you write, destroys the little confidence you are trying to nurture. The writer's muse, when it is coming back, is a fragile seedling. Abuse it, and it will never grow into the tree under which we seek shade and comfort.

I will do grammar and spell-checking later.

Let me write.

Let the tree grow.