The Side Hustle

Something tells me all the "earn money with low-content Kindle books" YouTube videos are out because Amazon is beginning to crack down on them. If they were making money like they were, those people would be quiet and gaming the system.

The next show to drop is "Chat GPT" books flooding Amazon, and I suspect by this time next year, those will be de-ranked and pushed off the system, the AI detection tools are excellent, and Amazon is likely working to put that check in their submission pipeline.

It is only a matter of time before Chat GPT books get mass banned.

You can't take a shortcut to writing a book.

If you write, do it yourself, walk away from your AI tools, and save yourself the heartache later. Some of these AI-powered writing tools are plagiarism machines. As a toy to play with, they are fine. But to release and sell work from, you would have to be crazy and a fool.

Let your writing be yours.

It isn't that hard.

Be yourself.